Welcome to Our Bespoke Personal Training Service

Office workers across London have been zipping out to get fit with us in their lunch breaks for many years. Now we are zipping out to you and bringing our Personal Training service to your home.

Barnes resident and founder of city based Zip Fit Club, Christopher Smith is letting his team of experts loose locally. They bring a friendly face, a wealth of experience, talent and enthusiasm to your door and they will help coach you to a better life.

As a father of two, Chris understands what a balancing act family, work and a social life can be. It’s the small gaps in between in which we strive to keep fit, healthy and well balanced. This is why Chris and his team have developed training programmes which work around your commitments’ and stresses, so that you can live stronger, feel happier and look fantastic.

Initially we would like to say hello, introduce ourselves and have a chat about your goals and ambitions. Go to ‘Getting Started’ above, this will talk you through a very simple process and soon we’ll be knocking on your door.