Here’s what our members say:


‘I have been working out with Chris Smith and Zip Fit for over 2 years now.  When I came back to work after having my 2nd child I was looking for a convenient way to exercise that would fit in with my lifestyle – Zip Fit was the answer.  Zip Fit’s short, intense but incredibly effective lunch-time classes were the perfect answer for me – a busy working Mum.  I didn’t want a military, boot camp approach – just effective personal small group training.  I go to Zip Fit Club twice a week and have seen a massive difference in my overall fitness and more importantly my well-being!  Thanks so much to Chris and his team.

Kirsty Byron , Google Industry Head FMCG


‘I wanted to express my gratitude to Zip Fit for creating the perfect training platform for busy Professionals like me. The personalised sessions, in the open space of the London Parks, constitute a fundamental part of my life and offer me the chance to enjoy what little nature London has to offer, whilst allowing me to get back to my working life within minutes.

Zip Fit sessions are short and focused personal training sessions. The groups are very small, sometimes only 2 or 3 people only and we blend in as calm users of the park perfectly. Zip Fit’s Personal Trainers do not use park materials and equipment, using only the human body as all the tools necessary (core/postural work and running) basically making no footprint on the park. This is a form of exercise which is so simple it cannot be explained!

Roberto Cosenza, Software Engineer at Google


‘I started attending Chris’s zip fit training a year ago following a Newspaper promotion – and I absolutely love it! The outdoors lunch time sessions really suit me as they mean that I can refuel on oxygen and energy which gives me a real boost for the second half of the working day. I have gotten a lot fitter and stronger and enjoy seeing the improvements that Zip fit has made to my overall health.

The classes are both fun and challenging so I am always hurting enough to feel that it has been worthwhile but at the same time I am already looking forward to the next session.

I highly recommend Zip fit to anyone with a busy life style, likes the outdoors and is looking to get fit.

Susanne Sorge, RWC Insurance 


‘I have been attending the Zip Fit lunchtime sessions for the last 12 months and have found them to be a cost and time effective means to keep fit.  It is so difficult to find the time to fit in exercise during the working week which doesn’t require you to be away from your desk for too long so these sessions have been an excellent way for me to maintain my fitness.  The flexibility of the sessions means that I can choose which days and times I attend to work around my work schedule.  I have joined countless gyms and exercise classes in the past but the rigid timetables invariably mean that I have to skip classes and miss out.  Chris is extremely knowledgeable and motivational and Zip Fit has offered something new that really works for busy people like me!

Gemma Bainbridge , RWC Insurance, Finance Director


“I have been attending Zip Fit’s lunchtime training sessions for the last two and a half years, and I consider them one of the highlights of my week: the sessions are a fantastic way for me to improve my health, keep fit, and improve both my psychological and physical well-being.

Having a regular opportunity to run out of the office and get in contact with Nature has a big part in it: training in a gym or an indoor training ground would definitely spoil part of the experience.

In addition to this (and to the trainer’s great ability to balance the sessions’ pace in a way that is perfect to challenge us without leaving us completely exhausted for the rest of the day), the social and competitive elements of the training offer another good reason to attend it, as opposed to more traditional and individual gym training.

During these years I have frequently being astonished at how few people actually enjoy the park, except in a very small number of hot, sunny days: during most of our sessions we are the sole occupants of a long stretch of grass.

I think our way of living the park is one of the most sensible and natural ways of experiencing it, and I was shocked to know that for licensing reasons we might be prevented from doing so in the future: I strongly recommend to whoever needs to take this decision to consider how important it is for us, and how natural the presence of a group of people exercising in the park is.”.

Davide Baroncelli, Google Software Engineer


‘I’ve been using the Zip Fit service for almost 2 years now and it’s a crucial part of balancing a stressful work life with getting enough exercise. The class is conveniently held in a local park close to my work place and without their ability to hold it there it would simply not be possible for me to attend a class further afield and manage it into my lunch hour. The service Chris offers and runs with Zip Fit is friendly and feels a lot less anonymous than other outdoor fitness classes of this type. Taking into account all the factors the Zip Fit service is unique and I hope it continues to thrive and develop into a service in Hyde Park that helps support the local business community.

Jamie Noble


I joined Zip Fit Club almost 3 years ago, for my own sanity (and those around me!) I needed and wanted to keep fit and to keep exercising outdoors all year round.  Zip Fit Club provides a unique way of not only doing this but also achieving a level of fitness that 3 years ago I could only dream of!

With a busy job in Central London with limited time to exercise having Zip Fit so accessible has really made a difference to me the environment in the sessions are great and having trained with the same members for some time make the sessions even more approachable.  The work outs really give me energy to tackle the rest of my week and give me a real sense of work/life balance.

Each and every session Chris is totally focused and committed to making sure we are doing the exercise correctly, during the workout he always dedicates time to check your form and each session is varied which really makes it different and I have really improved my fitness so much and that would not be possible without Chris and the ZIP FIT CLUB.

Joanna Lindley, Inditex


“Zip Fits 30 minute lunch time classes are perfect for the time poor working professional.  The classes give you enough time to get ready, get sweaty with a workout and back to work.  

Working out in a small group is not only motivational but more fun and a little bit more challenging than working out by yourself.  Knowing you have a set time to get to that you can block out in your diary certainly helps.  If you plan to go for a run by yourself it’s so much easier to just never make it!  Plus, an hour or even 45 minutes class is near impossible for most of us, which is all most of the gyms offer. 

Getting an all over body workout that includes strength, toning, core and cardio and knowing that it only takes half an hour and can get done in your lunch break is so much more of a motivator than an early morning (yawn) or after work gym session (when the sofa is calling!).  Lastly, working out in the fresh air, whether it’s rainy, snowy, windy or (rarely!) sunny, feels so much better than been cooped up in a sweaty gym or sports hall. There is definitely something special about these small group lunch time classes, and for the health of us hard working Londoners, long may they continue.”

Jessica Hammond, Jupiter Fund Manager


‘I’ve been a Zip Fit member for over 2 years and Chris has single-handedly revolutionised my fitness training. If, like me, you’re super-busy at work, hate gyms, love the outdoors and you need to be pushed to stay fit then the Zip Fit formula is perfect. In 1 hour over lunch I can get out of the office, have an intense workout in the park and then be back at my desk. Chris is an inspiration running fun, professional, highly effective workouts come rain or shine. No two sessions are the same and the variety keeps them fresh. Since joining Zip Fit I’ve seen my fitness transformed – the results have been amazing and I can’t imagine any other way of staying fit!

James Elias, Marketing Director, Google UK & Ireland


I attend Zip Fit regularly at lunchtimes, and it is a lifeline for me. I have such a long commute into work that I don’t have time to exercise before or after work, especially in the winter as it is dark so unsafe to go for a run at night. The only time I have to work out is my lunch break, and as I cannot seem to get on with working-out alone, indoors, or in a gym, I don’t know what I would do without Zip Fit! Since attending regularly, I have lost weight, developed stamina and am now at a level of fitness I could not have imagined, nor achieved on my own without the motivation of other participants, and the excellent Zip Fit training staff. Not to mention the noticeable improvements to my well-being. I am much happier, which helps in the dark winter months; I look and feel better, I am more alert, seemed to have boundless energy, and my productivity at work has gone up as a result. I’ve also made a lot of new friends, and together we encourage each other to stay fit and healthy.

I honestly don’t know what we would do without this opportunity to get out into the open air (in one of the busiest cities in the world), keep fit and feel alive. It is good for the soul, let alone our physical health. Please make it as easy as possible for this excellent small business to continue to motivate the public to become healthier, happier and more dynamic citizens.

Helen Tysoe, Google


‘I started going to Zip Fit lunch time sessions about two years ago when I moved to London; before I had never done any “serious” sport activity, I just occasionally went swimming or running.

I have to say that the benefits for my health and fitness have been great as I’ve much more energy, I generally feel better and I even got into the habit of exercising: now it is harder to not exercise rather than to exercise. For a lazy person like me this was a huge achievement.

The 30 minute format works very well for us professionals: it is easy to fit it in your lunch break, and, at the same time, it is the right level of intensity to give you a good workout.

The sessions are very varied and challenging: the instructors make every training session different with ever changing combinations of aerobic, strength and resistance exercises. Exercising with a small group of “peers” helps keeping me motivated and makes me push myself to the max. Another great thing is that the nature of the exercises makes it easy for each participant to tune them to their particular skill level.

The bottom line is that I think Zip Fit lunch time sessions are a great way to improve your fitness and keep in shape that doesn’t require a huge amount of money or time investment. I’m such a firm believer in this training that every time a new colleague starts in my office I always pester them to come and try the Zip Fit free taster session.

Dino Hughes, Google Software Engineer


I have chosen Zip Fit Club over other fitness providers mainly because of the lunchtime time slots. It’s a tailored thirty minutes session that is suitable for all ages, all fitness levels and fits perfectly into a busy 9-5 work day. At the same time it gives you an intense and effective work out, much better than sitting in the gym for two hours (and much more affordable!)

The groups are small in numbers, Chris knows us all by name and that makes the workout much more personal and motivating.

The sessions are never the same during the week, which makes the workouts never boring and always challenging, I have now been doing the classes for two and a half years and have no intention to stop any time soon.

Elena Usai – Technical Account Manager, Google


Zip Fit Club is the ideal fitness provider for me and I have been going for over 2 years. Zip fit Club is different to all the other providers mainly because it caters for all ages, fitness levels and the groups are small. The instructors are trained to a high standard and very personable. The sessions are also discrete and are often held in remote parts of the park where very few people go. Aside from the sessions, Zip Fit Club encourages you to participate in their local charity events to ensure they make a difference in the community.

In a nutshell, it’s Personal Training without the shouting and army uniforms!

Koert Holtgreve, Google Geo Sales Manager UK&I and Benelux


The Haven Charity – Fulham


“In spring 2010 joined a weekly lunchtime Zip Fit session in a park close to where I work and have been attending regularly ever since with my colleagues.  These outdoor sessions appeal to anyone who prefers not to be trapped in a gym and are inclusive, varied and extremely enjoyable – Chris will adapt activities to make sure all levels can participate, he has an enormous training repertoire (I’ve never had the same session twice) and he strikes exactly the right balance of motivation and encouragement.  Zip Fit is unique in that it’s a training programme designed around each person’s needs – you get the individual attention and targeted help needed to reach your own fitness goals – together with the energetic atmosphere of training in a small group.  From taking very little regular exercise two years ago I am now running regularly and have also started one on one personal training sessions with Chris.  I wouldn’t want to train with anyone else.” – Tasha Mason

Tasha Mason


“I joined Chris’ lunch time Zip Fit sessions in November 2010 and despite snow on the ground I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Chris in a small group environment. I enjoyed his personal, understanding approach so much that I also signed up to his evening sessions. When I started Zip Fit almost two years ago I was very unfit and hadn’t done any running for a couple of years. Since then Chris has expertly built up my fitness, enabling me to complete two full marathons this year, I know without Zip Fit I would not have been able to achieve this.”

Lois Page


“As a 40 year old mum of three with a penchant for muffins but desperate to get rid of my muffin top, I signed up to Zip fit a year ago and it is the only training session I have stuck at for so long. I love that the sessions are in our local park – come rain or shine – I hate stuffy gyms and see London’s parks as really sociable places for people to share and enjoy; whether they are walking the dog, playing with the kids or getting fit. Chris’ sessions are never the same which keeps me interested. He is very motivating and patient and his sense of humour means that even when the rain is pouring we manage to have a lot of fun. I highly recommend Zip Fit to anyone – even self-confessed lazy-bones like me”. – Deborah Slaughter

Deborah Slaughter


“Before I starting training with Chris at his lunchtime Zip Fit sessions, I hadn’t done any proper exercise for years.  I was unfit and was determined I was hopeless at everything.  Two and a half years later I have changed from a self-professed hater of exercise to someone who actually enjoys it and looks forward to the sessions.  I train with him twice a week and have never been so fit or confident.  He is the most brilliant trainer and thanks to his patience and encouragement I am now able to do things I never knew possible.  His sessions aren’t intimidating or scary, he has the most brilliant way of encouraging you and suddenly, before you know it, you feel fit and healthy and able to take on any fitness challenge.  I even get up early to see him and go for runs which is nothing short of a miracle! He is just absolutely the best trainer. I wouldn’t begin to consider training with anyone else and plan to carry on training with him forever!  I recommend him to anyone and everyone.  In summary, Chris and Zip Fit have revolutionised my life. “ – Laura Irwin

Laura Irwin


“Chris is an amazing trainer. His classes are great fun and give great results. He has an easy manner about him and would recommend him to any one of my friends or colleagues; he truly is a “national treasure”.

Marissa Sheppard