So what are Zip Fit’s 30 minute workouts doing for you?

Zip Fit Club are using the latest training methods and fitness trends to get our members fit fast.
Many scientific studies have proved that HIT is the best and most time effective way of strengthening your heart, torching the fat and increasing muscles tone.

We thought you might like to learn a bit more of the science behind our 30 minute training sessions, whether you are one of our current members or about to join us in the park for the first time.

The Facts:

– HIT will get you aerobically fitter than standard exercise
– HIT will improve you insulin sensitivity more than standard exercise
– If you want to build muscle tone and lose some fat, HIT is the most time efficient way to achieve this.


These are the power cells and great turbo chargers of life. They live in every cell in your body and range from a few to thousands. Their role is to convert oxygen in to energy.

When we exercise we produce more mitochondria and it has been discovered that HIT is, in particularly, useful in increasing mitochondrial density. The more mitochondria you have in your skeletal muscles the more efficient you are at burning energy.

Burning up the fat

  • When you increase the intensity of your workout, you build more metabolically active muscle and because muscle is efficient at burning fat your total energy expenditure soars.
  • HIIT makes the muscle cells produce new and more active mitochondria, power plants that transfer fat into energy and heat.
  • The metabolic stress caused by HIT leads to a huge increase in the production of catecholamines – hormones that lead to much greater fat burning.
  • One reason HIT leads to fat loss in your gut is because there are more catecholamine receptors in abdominal fat than in subcutaneous fat. When you get a surge of catecholamines following a burst if HIT, they target abdominal fat, which increase the release of fat of visceral fat stores.
  • High intensity training suppresses appetite, whereas low intensity does not.
  • HIT leads to a flood of hormones, known to activate brown fat. Exposure to the cold (outdoor training in the winter) encourages brown fat to burn through more calories.

Insulin Sensitivity

Despite this area of HIT needing more scientific research there have a been a lot of studies which show that HIT is far more effective at increasing insulin sensitivity than going for long, slow jogs around the park.

Vigorous exercise breaks down the glycogen stores in your muscles (glucose), which sends a signal from your muscle to your blood stream to wake up more glucose. The reason why HIT is much more efficient at this process is because fast exercise programs use up to 70 – 80% of muscle tissue, as opposed to approximately 30% of muscles tissue used when doing light exercise. Consequently sprint intervals soak up more glucose from the food you have eaten.

If you are interested in finding out more about High intensity interval training and the science that is revolutionising the fitness industry, read Dr Michael Mosley’s ‘Fast Exercise’. It is a superb read and Zip Fit would personally like to thank Michael and Peta Bee for putting this book together, so we can all understand this subject much better.