Our mission is to get you fit at work!

Meet Some Fresh Faces

You can invite your office pals along or come along on your own and meet some fresh faces. We offer flexible training sessions at convenient times – breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Check out our Hyde Park timetable.

We have recently introduced Low-Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) for people who enjoy exercise and want to get involved but are not quite ready for the faster pace of HIIT. It is an opportunity for beginners, people recovering from an injury and those wanting to improve their technique, to get involved in something slower and more focused…but still lots of fun!

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Private Corporate Arrangements

If your company is taking health and fitness at work seriously, look no further! Zip Fit Club provide flexibility and convenience for your team. We can come to your local park or our personal trainers can push your desks aside and turn your office into a mini HIIT studio. We need less than 10 meters squared (or less!).

Here’s how this works:

  • This is set up as an employee benefit by your company.
  • £1000 for 10 private classes in the park or in your office.
  • A maximum of 10 people training at any one time.
  • People in your company can swap and change on a weekly basis.
  • Zip Fit offer low-intensity classes too, for those who consider themselves a lower level of fitness.

Contact Managing Director, Chris, directly if you’re interested in finding out more. He can help your company arrange a FREE taster session



Corporate Rates

Are you an employer or employee at a business which is close to one of our Zip Fit locations. If so, we have very good news for you. If your company signs up to our corporate rate, all employees will be entitled to 15% off our normal prices.

If you are an employer:

Our priority is to provide a corporate package that’s as simple as possible, so that it is easy to implement and involves minimal work on your part. We do not require a minimum number of employees to sign up to Zip Fit in order for your company to be eligible for our corporate deal. To take advantage of 15% discount, all we ask is that you promote Zip Fit and our corporate rate to your employees. For more information please email claire@zipfitclub.co.uk.

If you are an employee:

If you already come to Zip Fit and want to benefit from our 15% corporate discount, please help us to help you by introducing us to the right person at your company. It’s a quick, simple process with minimal paperwork involved for your employer, and as soon as the corporate rate has been put in place, you can take full advantage. If you want to discuss this with us, please contact chris@zipfitclub.co.uk