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How Can A Lunchtime Workout Turn Your Life Around?


You’ve got a million things on your mind, deadlines to meet and a boss breathing down your neck. How could you possibly consider doing a 30-minute fitness session in your lunch break?

Well, you should and you can. Just about everybody has time to do something active and healthy with their lunch break but it does require good organisation skills, some willpower and a desire to break some rather damaging office habits.

Why should you workout at lunch?

 Think what you do with your own lunch break. Do you find yourself tapping out messages on your phone, eating yet another office cake or heading out for a meal deal and your third latte (oops!)? Even if you type at lightning speed or spin around on your chair at great velocity, you’re not going to loosen that top button or undo your devolutionary monkey slump.

If this sounds all too familiar, perhaps it’s time for you to look at this wasted bit of time and rethink your lunchtime antics. Take some time to consider what a short and effective training session three times per week can do for your body, your sanity and your future? Grab yourself a green tea and listen in…

Sitting down has a negative impact on your posture, circulation and mobility. We are designed to move…a lot.  When you’re not moving your muscles and bones become weak and you lose balance. You become tight and stiff, your metabolism slows down and all the unused calories that you’re consuming get stored around your hips and waistline. The long-term threat to your health is severe and the worst thing about it is that most people are not conscious of this until the damage has been done. Poor health in the workplace slowly destroys your body, your mind and your happiness.

Worry not! While this is all a touch depressing you can turn your life around quite quickly, make some small adjustments to your working week and begin to shape up, slim down and turbo charge your life (not to mention your 3 o’clock slump). There are interventions at hand and it’s not rocket science. Lunchtimes are the perfect (yes perfect) opportunity to Zip out of your office to burn calories, boost your metabolism, stretch tight muscles and improve the functionality of your heart, lungs, muscles and joints.

There is a plethora of science supporting short, convenient bursts of fast exercise, but even swapping a few sugary treats with a walk and talk in the fresh air is a good start. Grab an office buddy or suggest a meeting in a local park for a change. Fresh air and an increase in blood flow and oxygen to the brain might just give you the perspective you’ve been searching for. It has to be better than another boring sandwich.

Christopher Smith

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