London’s Healthiest Lunchtime Experience

Short, effective and convenient group workouts that get you fit fast!

Fast your belt! Zip Fit deliver fun, fast blasts of exercise, supervised by Personal Trainers who are experts in giving you a fantastic workout in a short amount of time. We specialise in exercise efficiency and giving our clients the results they deserve.

Our 30-minute outdoor training sessions are designed for busy people who need to let off steam, shape up or take their fitness to the next level. After just half an hour of fresh air and exercise, you’ll feel energised and ready for whatever your office throws at you!

You’ll be walking past the gym on the way home from work in the evening.


Check out our timetable by clicking here and come along to a fun and friendly fitness club.

The Science

To find out why Zip Fit’s High-Intensity Training (HIT) will change the way you exercise foreverĀ click here.

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